About Us

Creating value for our customers, sales team, and company.

Gridiron Financial is a reseller of the Family Heritage company of products.  Family Heritage was started over two decades ago, and it’s primary focus is offering supplemental insurance products that can help protect families in case of catastrophic injury or illness.  By creating an income stream for families to use when their expenses go up, or their normal income decreases, Family Heritage products have helped scores of Americans from having to exacerbate their illnesses because of financial strains. Gridiron is based in Austin, Texas, with satellite offices in South Texas, El Paso, Phoenix, and Seattle.

Our Team

Why Choose Us?

We’re a Stable, Ethical Company

With over 20 years in the Insurance Business, Family Heritage has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and was just recently purchased by Torchmark, a publicly traded company (TMK) with over $17 billion in assets.  Our customer service teams are based here, in the United States, and will work with you to help get your claims to you quickly, so you can have the funds available when you need them most.

Our Agents are State Licensed, and Trained to Help

At Gridiron, our agents are there to help protect you and your family, and make themselves available throughout the life of your product.  We take great pride in helping our clients get the plans that best suit them, and also in helping them file their claims.

A Variety of Plans

Ask our agents about our plans that range from Cancer and Intensive Care protection, to Heart and Stroke, Accident and even Life Insurance plans.  Most plans from Gridiron are offered with a return of premium, so feel good that you’re protecting yourself, and that your premiums aren’t just going to waste!

What about Life Plans?

We’re so excited to announce that we’re now offering life plans that INCLUDE a return of premium!  Get a whole life plan with us, and increase that plan with a term that pays you back if you don’t pass away.  Less that 3% of term plans will ever pay out because insurance carriers know that the odds are that you’ll live through the term.  With our plans, you get your added protection, with the comfort of knowing that you’ll get that money back either way!