Gridiron Financial Takes Top Spot for 2014

Congratulations to Gridiron Financial for finishing 2014 as the #1 Team in all of Family Heritage.  Gridiron boasted 4 of the top 15 agents in all of the company, the highest per agent commission rate, and is one of the fastest growing agencies, with agents located in over a half dozen states around the country.

Gridiron’s leadership group consists of Dan Janjigian (Austin, TX), Ron Miller (Weslaco, TX), Chad Buehler (Seattle, WA), Peter Holguin (El Paso, TX) and Irene Neal (Phoenix, AZ).  The organization was promoted to full Directorship status  in December of 2014, and remains as one of the hottest incubators of new insurance agents in company, both in and out of Family Heritage.

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