Gridiron is ahead of the curve with Family Heritage, working harder to serve our current clients, and increase sales opportunities for our reps. Our goal is a winning combination for everyone.  If you’ve worked in insurance, you understand that one of the time killers in our business is paperwork, and mistakes in applications. With the announcement of electronic applications, these issues should be cut down substantially, if not outright eliminated! Using your iPad or mobile device, Gridiron users can sign up a new client and have them covered nearly immediately, and this technology has been in place for over 5 years!

Is your client looking to sign on to multiple products? These electronic apps will fill out all the additional forms from the first one you submitted, it will create any necessary riders and forms based on the qualification questions, and it will allow the client to make payments and even submit the app, right from their living room or place of business. This is an exciting launch and something that reps have been asking for and we’re excited to be on the cutting edge of this new company wide launch.

Our comprehensive and interactive training program is designed to get you started quickly and keeps you on an accelerated career advancement track. Your first few weeks will be solely dedicated to training, and you will be provided with continuous opportunities for additional training throughout your career. During the course of each year, you will be invited to gather with your fellow sales professionals for advanced sales training at local, regional and national sites. In these sessions, you will learn the advanced techniques that will help you take your results to the next level.

Family Heritage Sales School

Whether you’re new to insurance sales, or a seasoned veteran, you will be impressed with the successful sales system taught by our team during the first phase of your training period. It goes well beyond the basics of selling, focusing also on the principles necessary to building and running a successful business. Our 4 day Family Heritage Sales School will provide you with all of the tools, methods and motivation necessary for you to begin your Family Heritage career quickly, simply, and successfully.

Whether you’re a fan of technology or not, everyone appreciates the ease with which we can now get the information that we need, when we need it. As a representative of the company, you can get information on your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most all documents are available for download through our secure website, and even our presentations are available to be shown through everything from your iPads, Android devices, and nearly any other viewing device.

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