2012 Year End Meeting at the JW Marriott Resort in Tucson, AZ!

Family Heritage held it’s year end meeting this week in gorgeous Tucson, AZ.  With one of the largest showings yet, the general salesforce, directors and upper management gathered to experience the first “resort” meeting location in the company’s 23 year history.  With the aquisition by Torchmark complete, the meeting was an opportunity to not only close out the past, but also embrace some of the exciting changes of the future.

Nestled in the Tucson hills, the JW Marriott resort was a beautiful setting for the few meetings that were set up, and a relaxing area to get away.  Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor desert bonfires, getting in 18 holes in their exclusive, on-site golf course, or experiencing a full body massage at the resorts famous day spa.  With about 30% of the trip being dedicated towards award banquets and advanced training, the majority of the vacation was just that…. Vacation.

Some exciting news that came out of the annual meeting was a general change in bonus structure and incentives for active agents.  All of the sales force under the FHL/Torchmark umbrella were presented with a new incentive structure that multiplied the old bonus amounts by approximately 700% where they’d previously maxed out.  For Dynasty and Gridiron Financial team members, the amount of incentive trips that could be won annually DOUBLED to 6 trips per year, including the mid year and year end meetings.

Another major change was the elimination of the “unit” structure that was originally in place with the company.  Units were awarded as a reflection of product sold, but this was a difficult system that needed to be replaced, and the executive staff did just that, replacing the unit system with the truest reflection of an agents growth, premium.  Agents are now also added into their team totals, so agents that perform at a high level individually will now see their efforts reflected in what their team accomplishes.

Taking in the sites of Tucson, the company sponsored many outings including a dinner with dancing at the Air and Space Museum.  Attendees were surrounded by some of the most famous aircraft in the world, while enjoying dinner with their families.  Additionally, the company visited Old Tucson to see some of the most famous cowboy sites, take in a rodeo and visit some epic movie sets from cinema.  A Black and White ball wrapped up the weekend with most attendees heading back to their home states to bring in the New Years!

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