Why We’re Exclusive

Why do we ONLY offer Family Heritage products?

Our products aren’t the run of the mill, they STAND OUT.  There are a lot of companies that we compete with that offer excellent supplemental coverage, and owning that coverage is fantastic, but: Just as there are differences in the types of cars you can buy, so are their differences in the supplemental coverage you choose to provide for your family.  A station wagon is great, but does it compare to a high end SUV?  No, but that’s how we’re sold our coverage, and we’re meant to believe that they’ll all work the same if something catastrophic hits.

Family Heritage plans are the BEST in the market. Why? To just name a few reasons:
1) We offer a wide variety of benefits
2) Many of our benefits have no caps / no lifetime limits
3) We don’t raise our prices because of age
4) We don’t raise our prices REGARDLESS of the amount of claims you file
5) We offer a return of premium in most all of our offerings: YES, that means you can get your money back!
6) We have survivor benefits
7) Most of our plans are NOT section 125 plans, which means you AVOID taxes at the time that you file claims!!
8) Our customer service is in the US
9) etc, etc etc

Phone Number:

512 300 0005


8705 Shoal Creek #200

Austin, Texas 78757