New Agent Calendar

This page lays out a framework for agents to transition from a newly licensed agent to a consistently producing field agent. Each step in the process is conditional on the successful completion of the previous step in order to progress.

Step 1:  Agent Licensing (One Week)

Agent completes all paperwork and studies to pass their permanent insurance license exam to be able to sell insurance. During this time, the agent prepares a Hot 100 list of contact information of 100 companies/individuals from the agent’s personal and professional network.

Agent will schedule ten (10) presentations between Friday and Sunday following Sales Academy

Cost: Around $200 for state-administered fingerprints, background check, application, and class tuition

Step 2: Sales Academy (One Week)

Monday through Thursday, Agent will attend Family Heritage Sales Academy, mastering all the elements of the sales process, policy details, presentation of those details, underwriting process, etc.

Agent will perform 7-8 presentations between Friday and Sunday following Sales Academy

Compensation: Client Ownership and 100% of the commission from all approved applications

Step 3: Phase I of Sustainable Sales Career (3-4 Weeks)

Agent learns how to gather prospect information, schedule demonstrations, demonstrate the product and can now generate their own business. This phase builds your business foundation. Click here to learn how we help our agents build a Sustainable Sales Career.

Step 4: Phase II of Sustainable Sales Career (3-6 Months)

Transition into calling the 200 qualified referrals from Step 4

This will lead to 15-20 demos per week, and closing percentage will skyrocket.  Work with referrals and past buyers the majority of the time and cold-call on adjacent businesses and individuals the other 15% to 20% of the time.

Step 5: Phase III of Sustainable Sales Career

The job gets really fun.  It’s one thing to get rejected most of the day.  But it’s an entirely different feeling to be welcomed into places and visit people who are happy to see you all day.


  • FIT Training: Virtual interactive training to sharpen your sales, recruiting and leadership skills
  • Field Prospecting: Engaged in face to face meetings in the field to set appointments and conduct presentations
  • Input Sales Stats: Record selling activity on a daily basis through our online stats portal
  • AP: Annualized Premium as calculated by the collected monthly premium sold multiplied by 12

Important Contact Information

  • Dan Janjigian: / Direct: 512-300-0005
  • Chad Buehler: / 206-227-0610
  • Family Heritage Agent Line (M-F 7AM-4PM Central): 440-922-5252
  • Family Heritage Customer Service (M-F 7AM-4PM Central): 440-922-5222
Phone Number:

512 300 0005


8705 Shoal Creek #200

Austin, Texas 78757