Coverage For Yourself

It’s really expensive to get sick these days!

Even when you get a little sick (let’s say you go to the doctor for the flu), you’re going to come out of pocket a little bit. But when something serious happens, the costs can be astronomical – making Medical Bills the #1 reason for Bankruptcy in America.

We exclusively offer products to help cover these out-of-pocket costs:

Cancer – Our cancer policies pay benefits when you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with cancer. The cash crunch people face when going through cancer has been well documented – these benefits help ease the financial burden of this devastating disease.

Accident – While you can’t plan for accidents, you can prepare for the costs with an Accidental Injury Policy. Our Accident policies pay benefits to you when you or a family member suffer an unexpected accidental injury.

Heart Disease – Our Heart and Stroke policies have benefits specifically geared towards helping you pay the out of pocket expenses incurred when someone covered under your policy is diagnosed with heart disease.

Intensive Care – Intensive Care benefits are designed to help cover the costs associated with being confined to the ICU, NICU, CCU Intermediate Care, etc. This coverage is not disease-specific and applies when you are admitted to the ICU for any reason whatsoever.

Hospitalization – Hospital Confinement Indemnity policies are designed to help offset the costs of in-patient hospital confinements. Like all of our products, these benefits are paid directly to you to help pay for expenses that are not covered by major medical insurance.

Life – Having the right life insurance plan is the best way to help protect your loved ones against financial burden in the event of a premature death. Our life insurance policies are designed to ease some of this burden to give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Child Whole Life – Children’s permanent life insurance allows you to protect the financial future of the important children in your life at an affordable price. This plan includes low childhood rates that will never increase and coverage that stays in force throughout each child’s life, regardless of how their health changes.

Return of Premium – our supplemental insurance policies include their flagship Return of Premium Benefit. If you keep your policy in force for a number of years as specified in your policy, you will receive all your money back, minus the amount of claims that have been paid to you. Wouldn’t it be nice if all your insurance worked that way?

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