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Building an Empire through Team and Organizational Growth

Our mission is dedicated to providing the best products to our Clients, while providing the best training and growth opportunities to our Agents.

Products that Change Lives

It’s one thing to make money, and another to make a difference, but what’s it like to do both? Gridiron offers products offering the absolute best supplemental products on the market. Very few people realize how big a gap is left behind by even the best healthcare if you can’t work. Think about it…  Even the best healthcare plans won’t do anything more than take care of medical costs.  Not your mortgage, your rent, your insurance premiums, your utilities, or any one of another thousand bills that you still have when you’re no longer able to work.  Our plans can replenish families, in some cases, in excess of $50K per month, UNLIMITED!

The Best Opportunity

Allowing for unlimited income, no ceilings, agency ownership, international travel, company stock, and a ton of other benefits, Gridiron opens the doors to anyone with the drive and burning desire to take their career to a new level.  So what’s the catch? Most things that sound too good to be true, ARE!  So what is it?  It’s simple:  The Discipline to go to work, and to follow the steps of success that you’ll be given through the training process.  It’s not easy, or everyone would do it.  The beauty is: Anyone can, but very few will follow through.  Which are you?

A Foundation for the Future

Whether you’re new to the workforce, or a weathered vet, Gridiron is committed to walking alongside our agents to help them achieve their goals and vision of where their life will lead. In the “real world,” this type of coaching and mentorship will come with a hefty price-tag, but for the men and women that we work with, this is a real part of what’s available. Imagine getting paid for work that you did a decade ago? That’s the kind of future that our agents build for themselves, and that’s available to anyone that’s willing to put forth the effort!

The most inspiring team in financial services!
What we can offer you

Training and FHLA’s

They say that Middle Management can be the death of any great organization, but it can also be what makes them great.  Our management is made up of our training core, and these are some of the best salespeople company wide.

The Opportunity is Here

We can’t promise you a role, but we can promise you an overview.  Gridiron Financial is a value driven organization that is built around the idea of Integrity, and the importance that holds in our work and in our lives. 

Why We’re Exclusive

Our products aren’t the run of the mill, they STAND OUT.  There are a lot of companies that we compete with that offer excellent supplemental coverage, and owning that coverage is fantastic, but: Just as there are differences in the types of cars you can buy, so are their differences in the supplemental coverage you choose to provide for your family. 

Special Ops

As far as Insurance Agencies go, we consider ourselves to be the Green Berets, The Rangers, The SEALS, the Special Ops of all agencies that are out there.  We don’t hire everyone, and we expect the best from the best.

What they say about us

This company has produced every promise made to me. They are serious about being available to support field reps at all hours. Commissions are paid crazy fast. Bonuses are exactly as represented. The career ladder is easy to climb for anyone regardless of experience or education. The program is well established and easy to follow. I love representing such a fantastic product that offers great protection with a built in ability to help families save money. I only regret I did not find this company 25 years ago. Anyone that chooses this career will have to put in effort to build your own business but the rewards are very evident by the many successful agents I have met and trained with. I can’t say enough good things about this team.


I’m so blessed to work along side gridiron financial. Not only is it a great opportunity to really expand and build a career, gridiron helps families in some of the biggest financial crisis’ they can face in their lifetime. Gridiron financial is a family based company with an owner that genuinely dedicates his time and energy to not only help all of his agents succeed but protect and give the upmost customer service to his clients. This company has such a great environment and I truly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in a career path that is financially rewarding, and emotionally gratifying.

Sydney Olsen

Excellent product, Excellent Service! Had an incident with a tractor. The tractor clearly won the altercation. Was in the hospital a while, but Family Heritage was there for me and help through the ordeal. After, I was better I melted the tractor with a blow torch. Round two went to me.

Craig Tobias


Roland Miller

Roland is one of the top trainers and leaders of the Gridiron Organization.  Roland is originally from South Texas, where he grew up in a large family as the oldest of his siblings.  Roland graduated the University of Texas, and went on to work in law before making the transition to Family Heritage.  He’s been a top performer year after year within the companies sales ranks, and from the side of management, is respected as a highly valued trainer within the company.

Dan Janjigian

Mr Janjigian is currently a National Sales Director for Family Heritage Life and directly runs Gridiron Financial, LLC, offering these products. Gridiron completed 2014 as the number one Team Leader Brokerage in all of Family Heritage, touting the top residential and business to business salespeople as part of its organization. (more…)

Chad Buehler

National Team Leader with 20 years of sales and management experience in helping clients find better ways of running their business and their benefits. Mr Buehler’s current focus is in helping individuals and businesses reduce costs around their benefits so they can attract and retain better employees and protecting individuals from the costly bills associated with accidents and illnesses. (more…)

Peter Holguin

I’ve been with the ICON Companies for 15 years now and it’s been the best 15 years of my life!  Not only have I traveled the world with this incredible company but I’ve met some amazing people along the way that have become lifelong friends. ICON has so much to offer it’s really hard to explain in just a few sentences. (more…)


Ron Miller

Ron came to Gridiron from the real estate market, and is currently a national recruiter for South Texas and Austin area. In 2014, Ron shattered all previous Family Heritage records by protecting more families in any given week, any given month, (more…)

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