Career Track

Have you ever worked for a company where you wanted to work your way up the company ladder, but you just couldn’t ever pinpoint the rungs above you?  Maybe you’ve worked next to a coworker and realized that you were working a lot harder for the same pay (maybe even LESS!)  Perhaps you feel like you’re letting time pass, working from paycheck to paycheck, but not ever really moving forward in the process?

These issues don’t exist within the Gridiron structure.  Through our company Career Track, agents have the choice to work their way through the ranks as either a sales professional, or through team leadership to ultimately, Agency Ownership.  Because of this, the sky is the limit, and the only factor to overcome is YOU.  Our goal is to help our agents achieve the vision that’s most important to them, with the understanding that the vision may change through their career with us.  For example, you might only have a desire to work up the sales professional track when you come on, but somewhere down the line make the transition into management.  Does that mean you have to start over?  NO!  Your efforts and knowledge are rewarded on both sides of our career track, and our goal is to help you accomplish whatever it is that you’d like to take from the opportunity.  Break through the glass ceiling!

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