Training and FHLA’s

They say that Middle Management can be the death of any great organization, but it can also be what makes them great.  Our management is made up of our training core, and these are some of the best salespeople company wide.  Take a look at our Team Members page to get an idea of the exceptional core of trainers that work within our ranks.  We have several 15 year+ vets with decades of experience, we have past lawyers and business phenoms that made the move to expand their career possibilities, and we even have company record holders that have set the bar, not just within Gridiron, but within Family Heritage as a whole.

Our training includes Classroom Training, where you’ll get your knowledge directly from some of the top staff at Torchmark.  It includes field training, where you’ll get the chance to work with some of our Team Leader group and top rookie managers, and we even expand training into video training, as well as mid and end of year meetings, where you get the chance to not just hone your skills, but learn from the best in our advanced training seminars.

Gridiron also offers free tuition, including travel, to our FHLA seminars.  The Family Heritage Leadership academies allow you to learn from the best as you’re making your way of the Career Track.  With 4 levels of FHLA’s, imagine taking each step, as it gets you closer and closer to the ultimate goal, Agency Ownership!

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