So picture this:  A giant pool table with no pockets and no balls, and where the green felt would be, is a giant map of the territory that you’re currently working in.  No picture someone dropping a bag of marbles over the table and watching them scatter along the map.  Those are your sales.

When salespeople of all types start working a territory, they have the incorrect impression that somehow they can control where their sales are, and don’t generally understand that the goal is to FIND them.  In the example that I provided above, the point is that when you’re working a territory, either business or residential, you have to work to get to where the sales are located.  If we’re still looking at the map on the pool table, you’ll notice right away that in some area there are clusters of marbles.  In other areas, there aren’t any marble at all…  On most of the map, the marbles are scattered fairly evenly.  Your job as a professional is to get to the marbles as quickly and efficiently as you can, but there’s a catch.  When you get there, you have to treat the marble LIKE a marble!

What generally happens in a sales day?  For most new sales people, they’ll start the day with the greatest of intentions, and the highest of hopes.  After a few calls and rejections, that attitude starts to take a hit, and the “no’s” begin to take their toll.  A professional recognizes this, and understands that if he/she doesn’t keep that proper mindset, and have their conviction and confidence at a sustained, high level, that they’ll turn potential buyers into non-buyers.  Basically, you’d make the marbles on your map disappear! 

The cure to this is issue is right here in these words.  UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS HOW IT WORKS!  It’s as simple as that!  If you can take emotion out of your sales, and understand that sales is always a numbers game, then you’ve already overcome the biggest issue you’ll face out there.  You’ll start to understand that yes’s and no’s aren’t what you’re working for, but what you really want is efficiency in the field.  Keep that attitude high, while getting through the non-buyers quickly will get you to those marbles and make the job a ton more fun!