One of my closest friends, told me the story of his brother in law, Tim, who came to him looking for advice (names have been changed to protect the innocent):”Mike, I have to tell you, I’d do anything to make six figures.  I hate living paycheck to paycheck, and I know that me and my family deserve more.””Really,” Mike replied.  “You’d be willing to do anything?””Yes, ANYTHING!””Well,” said Mike, “I’ll hire you.  I promise I’m not going to have you do anything crazy, but you’ll have to be ready to work hard…””Absolutely, I’d love the chance!”

Tim was told to be at work at 7am the following Monday, and started his new career with his new 6 figure salary.  
The first week, things were tough for Tim, and he let Mike know.  From a managerial perspective, Mike told him that it may take time to get used to his new schedule, but it would also open the doors for him that he’s always wanted.  Three weeks later, Tim quit.

The excuses weren’t original.  “This just wasn’t for me””The schedule didn’t work””The timing was bad”
How bad did Tim want it?  Obviously, not nearly bad enough. 

There’s an amazing story of a guru who had a similar conversation with a businessman who wanted to know what it took to achieve success.  The guru asked him to come to the beach at 6am in the morning, and he’d teach him. Upon arriving (unfortunately in a suit), the guru told him to wade into the water.  After going in a few feet, the guru told him to go further, and walked out with him.  The businessman went waist deep and again turned to the guru who told him to keep walking out.  At neck deep he again looked at the guru who grabbed him by the head and pushed him deep into the ocean.  The businessman thrashed and kicked, trying to do anything that he could to not drown.  Just before he passed out, the guru released him and let him up.”When you want success, as bad as you wanted that breath of air, then you’ll find it.” 

When that businessman was below the water, what was on his mind?  Was it, “Man, I’d love some pasta for lunch…”  Was it, “I wonder if I’ll have time to go the gym…”  Maybe it was, “Wow, that new girl is really cute…”
No, it wasn’t any of those things.  What he was thinking was, “How do I get my mouth above the water line to take a breath?!”
The most common thing in the world is unrecognized ambition.  People will use extremes such as “I’ll do anything,” “I’d Never,” “I’d Always,” but seldom mean what they say.  How important is success to you, and what are you willing to SACRIFICE to achieve it.  Great success comes with great sacrifice, just as great risk can lead to great reward.  Be happy that’s true, because if it was easy, everyone would do it, and the rewards would disappear.