When it comes to direct sales, what separates the largest producers from the average producers?  I see lots of average producers that work hard, and I honestly believe they’re working hard (there are plenty that don’t!).  On the other hand, I also see huge producers that don’t appear to work nearly as hard as their counterparts, so what separates them if the effort is the same?
On a direct sales level, the answer generally revolves around two simple words:  Confidence and Conviction
Simple, right?  It sounds like it, but it’s not always the case.  Let’s break it down.  First, let’s take conviction.  Of the two, this is the easiest to overcome, IF you’re working for the right company.  Conviction has two sub categories that go along with it:  1)  Conviction in your product or service.  Do you TRULY believe that what you’re selling is something that will serve your prospect, and it’s in THEIR best interest to get it from you?  When you have 100% belief that the money that they spend is more valuable to them, then it is to your or your company, then you truly have mastered this portion of conviction.  2)  Conviction that you are SUPPOSED to see your client, and that you’re going to show them what you have to offer.  Simply put, are you the golf ball, or the golf club?  The hammer or the nail?  When you’re at someone’s door or office, you either have the conviction that you belong there, or you’re basically just teeing yourself to be driven away!  Top producers expect to sit down with a decision maker, and fully believe that it would be idiotic if that decision maker doesn’t buy!  That leads to our other category:
Confidence!This is the harder of the two, but for one of only a few specific reasons.    1)  You don’t have proper product knowledge of what you’re offering (taking for granted that it’s truly a great product/service)  2)  You’ve been lacking in Confidence and conviction for an extended period of time  3)  You’ve been off schedule (not working the schedule that you know you should be working)
In all three of these cases, you have to reset yourself and focus on the basics to get you on track.  Knowledge and action will eradicate your fear and replace it with the confidence that you’re lacking.  The hardest door that you’ll ever open, when you’re lacking confidence is your car door.  Open it, and start moving towards your prospect, and amaze yourself at how your fear will melt away with repetition.  I promise you that you’ll never run out of prospects when it comes to direct sales.  Don’t be afraid to lose a prospect, because there will ALWAYS be another one.  Get your confidence and conviction in line, and you’ll quickly find yourself in the top tiers of your sales organization!